Recurring message that went to spam for a long time became "good"

I purchased a thing from a vendor and created an account on the site, years ago. I began receiving ads and newsletters that I didn’t want and tried to unsubscribe but it never worked. I finally gave up and trained the messages as spam with SpamSieve. It worked fine for a long time and I saw the messages in the junk mailbox every day. Today, I found the usual newsletter full of ads in my inbox and checked SpamSieve’s log. It shows a bunch of messages from this vendor that were “Predicted Spam” with values that vary from 73 to 96, and the last one, today, has two entries at the exact same time. One is "Predicted: Good (27), the other is “Trained: Good (Auto)”.

I haven’t done anything more with it, no training or trashing the messages.

Why is this? And what should I do to get rid of it?


Perhaps the sender changed so that SpamSieve was no longer catching these messages with the blocklist. The score of 27 indicates that SpamSieve used the Bayesian classifier and thought the message was borderline but good. Probably all that you need to do is train this one as spam.

Thanks Michael, I’ll just do that.