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Reimport mailbox into Mail and preserve tags?

Can I re-import a mailbox into Mail (macOS 10.14.6) and preserve the tags?

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You can easily import back into Apple Mail, however the standard mail interchange format that Apple Mail’s import feature understands does not support tags.

If you really wanted to preserve them, e.g. which messages are flagged, you could export the tagged messages from EagleFiler as a separate mailbox and then re-apply the tags after the messages are imported into Mail.

Thank you for letting me know – I thought this was probably the case but wanted to make sure.

Also thank you for the suggestion, which I had also thought might be possible.

Just so I understand, selected messages can be exported from EagleFiler?

Yes, for example you could use a tag or smart folder to find a certain group of messages, select them, and choose File ‣ Export and it will export only those messages.

Sounds great. I have a new MacBook Pro with Catalina and need to migrate my data from an older MBP running Mojave. I am planning on first copying my stored email to EagleFiler as insurance against possibly losing messages in the migration.

Knowing I can always re-import some messages and see which ones I have replied to and which ones I haven’t will be very helpful.