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Relevance-based sorting of searches


I really appreciate everything that’s gone into EagleFiler, and the new smart folders are great for allowing me to perform focused searching.

I was wondering, though, whether you’re thinking of incorporating a relevance-based sorting of search results – based on relatively how often the search terms appear in the document. I know for certain searches (like tag:name) this doesn’t make sense, but it would be fantastic to do a search like “tag:name searchterm” with results from tag:name ranked on how often searchterm comes up.

I’m sure this is no trivial task, but I’m just wondering whether you’re going to do that, and if so, when. It’s honestly the only feature I’d request, and one that would be unnecessary if I was better about tagging and titling!


Yes, I’m planning to do that.

That’s great! And I won’t ask “when” again, since I’m sure you don’t want to make any promises. : )

Relevance sort
Any news on the implementation of this request? It is the final feature holding me back from converting from DEVONThink.

No news. It’s still a high priority, but I’m not announcing when it will be available.

Periodic check: Any plans to implement relevance based sorting?

Yes, I’m still planning to do it.