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Remote drone mailboxes not being processed?

I set up our 3 iOS devices with mailboxes called “TrainGood” and “TrainSpam” and have moved a few messages over to them as I have been using SpamSieve. However, when I look at the drone Mac I see that these items are still sitting in there. I read in the manual the Apple Mail checks these mailboxes and processes them every time a new email arrives… so I sent an email to my wife’s account and then checked and the mailboxes still had the messages that I moved there earlier.

Why isn’t SpamSieve processing these emails? Do I need to delete the corpus and train again. Full disclosure, I was having some trouble understanding how to set up the multiple accounts and how to edit the AppleScript correctly… but I have since worked that out with the help of a very nice developer!

Thanks to anyone who can figure out what I did wrong here.


One thing you can do is add an action to your “Remote Training” rule in Mail that plays a sound. Then, you can see whether you hear the sound, and that will tell you whether Mail is actually trying to apply the drone rule.

You can also open the Console application and look under All Messages to see whether Mail is reporting any errors.

Finally, you can test the remote training script separately from Mail. Open the file in AppleScript Editor and click the Run button. Does it move the messages or report an error?

Ok, so I moved an email from my iPhone to the “TrainSpam” folder and then ran the script on the drone mac and it moved the mail to my Spam folder on the mac. So the script seems ok.

Next, I added a sound action to the Remote Training rule and moved another email from the iPhone inbox to the TrainSpam mailbox and watched (and listened) to the Mac and there was no sound played after a minute (it checks mail every minute). Also, upon checking the TrainSpam mailbox under my account on the drone Mac the message I moved from my iPhone was still in there. So Mail isn’t running the script it seems.

I checked the path to the Applescript file and it was ok. What is my next step?


About the Console… there is something about “Mail: Plain security layer - Failed to start the SASL”, whatever that means! It’s not exactly like that but that’s the general message.

In order for Mail to apply the rule automatically, you would need to receive a new message in the inbox.

Ok, so I sent myself a test email from my iPhone and the TrainSpam mailbox on the drone computer did empty successfully. I guess since most of my spam is being intercepted I haven’t been getting as much mail! This is a good thing. :slight_smile:

So it seems the script is doing its job after all.