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Remote Training Script questions

Hi there -

Searched the forums but did not find answer to my questions. I downloaded the compiled version, opened and entered my account but when I went to save, it wanted to change it into an .html file. That doesn’t seem right, is it?

Which version of the script (compiled, text, both?) am I supposed to download, add my account info to, save and put into the appropriate folder on my HD?

Once I’ve edited the script, what file format should I save the changed document as?



No, it doesn’t. Which application did you open the script with? You should be editing it with AppleScript Editor.

Either one will work. It’s best to save it as a compiled script, since that will run more efficiently.

Thanks so much for the speedy reply! I was using AppleScript Editor but I was trying to use the save as command instead of overwriting the original script. I’ve now done a straight save and that seems to have kept the correct file format. I’m running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and when I tried to drag the script into the com.apple.mail folder in my Library, it created an alias instead. Holding down the option key while dragging seems to have copied the real file into the folder.

I’ve created the new Remote Training rule and put it at the top of the list. Do I still keep the original SpamSieve rule that moves every message to the spam folder on my server or do I need to uncheck that now that I have every message going through the remote training script?

Oh, and how will I know if this is working correctly?



Yes, you need both rules.

When you receive new mail, it should automatically move any messages in the TrainSpam mailbox to the Spam mailbox.

Hmmmm, it’s been over 24 hours and I’ve downloaded mail countless times on the drone but my trainspam and traingood folders are still holding all of the messages I put into them from my iPhone yesterday.

I have my spam mailbox set up on my server, not the drone.

I edited the script as follows:
on accountNamesForDrone()
– Enter your account names here. If you have more than one, separate with commas: {“Account 1”, “Account 2”}
– The account name comes from the “Description” field in the Accounts tab of Mail’s preferences.
return {“Spamcop”}

Where “Spamcop” is the the name of the account from the description field in my Mail accounts preferences pane.

I put the script into ~user/library/application scripts/com.apple.mail (I’m running OSX 10.8.2). And it’s an .scpt file.

I have my applemail rules set up so the one where every message runs the applescript is the top rule, with the every message moves to the spam folder (on the server) as the second rule.

Have I done something wrong or does it take more time?



That sounds good. You can test the script by running it from within AppleScript Editor. Does it move the messages from TrainSpam or report an error?

If the script works, the next step is to test the rule by selecting a message in the inbox and choosing Message > Apply Rules. Does this move the messages from TrainSpam?

Thanks Michael -

I ran the script and it returned an error I was able to fix. Seems to be working now. Thanks so much for the extra hand holding!

All my best,