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Remote Training with Airmail 3?

New user setting up SpamSieve.

Setting up SpamSieve on one desktop (that is always running) to do the filtering. It was recommended that I could setup remote training here to make sure corrections can be made in a timely manner.

Potential issue is that I use Airmail 3 and according to the manual:
“The drone setup lets you run SpamSieve on one Mac and train it from other Macs, PCs, or iPhones. This setup requires Apple Mail, MailMate, or Microsoft Outlook 2011.

So… is there a way to do remote training with Airmail 3? If not, can I do remote training if I run Apple Mail, MailMate, or Outlook on this desktop and Airmail 3 on the other computers?

Thanks for the assist!

Yes, it sounds like what you want to do is use Apple Mail (or MailMate or Outlook 2011) and the the drone setup on one Mac, and then Airmail on the others. So you would only need to install SpamSieve on the Mac with Apple Mail, and then from the others you would train it by using the special TrainGood and TrainSpam mailboxes.

Thanks for the quick reply!

So there shouldn’t be any conflicts/issues running Airmail 3 as the clients on a few computers and Mac Mail (with SpamSieve) on the computer running SpamSieve and the filtering?

Right, it’s fine to mix and match clients.

A few follow questions…


So I am setup with Apple Mail and SpamSieve on my “main/drone” computer with Airmail 3 installed on other desktops/laptops and iOS mail on my mobile devices and have a few follow questions.

Should I complete the initial training from the “main/drone” computer before I set it up as the drone with the drone training folders or should I complete the drone setup first?

Since I have 12 different email accounts, the manual says to create a separate SpamSieve rule for each account. Does this mean that I must do initial training for each account separately for SpamSieve to be trained properly to filter each account?

For remote training, I’m a bit confused as to how many mailboxes are created and where they are. Do I first create a spam folder for each of the 12 accounts and then the script creates a “TrainGood” and “TrainSpam” for each mailbox? Can I just create one set of training mailboxes for all the accounts to use to keep clutter down? If so, what are the pros and cons of proceeding that way?

Since these mailboxes are by definition accessible on all clients, I would assume all these folders reside on the server?

Since I am using Airmail 3 on all computers but the “main/drone” computer, do I follow the instructions under section 4.4.1 (Setting Up an Apple Mail Drone) for this computer? What if any setup do I need to do on the other/remote computers running Airmail 3?

Thanks again for your help!

It doesn’t matter.

That is the normal setup if you want each account to have its own Spam mailbox. For a shared Spam mailbox, you would only need one rule.

No, the training is shared among all the accounts. But it is good to use a mix of messages from each account when you do the initial training so that it knows about all of them.


It’s up to you. Separate training mailboxes means:

  • You can move messages to the TrainGood and TrainSpam mailboxes no matter which e-mail software you’re using. (Some e-mail software doesn’t know how to move a message to a mailbox in a different account.)
  • When you move a message to the TrainGood mailbox, SpamSieve will know which inbox to move it to after training.

Shared training mailboxes means:

  • Less clutter.



None, because you would be training the messages by moving them to the special Train mailboxes rather than using SpamSieve directly.

So I have everything setup as specified above, the TrainSpam and TrainGood folders seem to be properly created by the script but the mail I put in those folders isn’t getting moved (to the Spam folder from TrainSpam and back to the inbox for TrainGood).

I checked the setting and all seems correct although it is very possible that I missed something.

Is there something in the script I should check or anything else?

If it is of any importance, I am running Mojave on the drone computer with Apple mail and Airmail 3 on the other computers with High Sierra.

Appreciate the great customer service you have given thus far!

As an update, I opened the “Apple Mail - Remote Training.scpt” manually with the Script Editor and ran it and it moved the messages properly. Just doesn’t seem to be doing it automatically.

That is good because it shows that the script is set up correctly. In order for it work automatically, you need to create the rule in Mail (above the SpamSieve rule) that runs the script. And then you have to wait for a new message to arrive in the inbox, which is what triggers the rule.

Ah! That may have been my issue/confusion.

I was working on this late at night so I wasn’t receiving emails when I was testing. I did a test and it worked as it is supposed to.

This is functional but wondering if there is anyway for the script to trigger on a time frame in addition to triggering when an email arrives? Not a necessity for sure but may create a (slightly) better workflow for me as emails dropped in the TrainGood won’t show back up in my inbox until a new email arrives.

Thanks again for the great customer service!

You can do that by saving the script as a standalone app, as described here.


I assume if I go that route, I remove the rule in Apple Mail for remote training as the script would now be the standalone application doing the lifting here?

Also, speaking of rules, if I wanted to apply additional rules for sorting emails (outside of sorting Spam), is the recommended course of action to have those rules on the drone (Apple Mail) client listed after the SpamSieve rules or have them on another client (Airmail 3) that I am using for my general access? Although it would be convenient to put them on another client, as I have regular access to those computers, my thought/concern with putting them on another client is would it try to sort the mail before SpamSieve confirms that the email is Spam or not.!

Thanks again!

Right. The rule won’t cause problems, but it’s not necessary.

They should be in Apple Mail below the SpamSieve rule. Otherwise, the two mail clients will fight over which one applies the rules first.