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Remove images at startup ?

Hi everyone;

I have a simple little question.

I have this software and wanted to know if we could cancel the active 3 windows that appear or they can be removed automatically? (See pictures)

A big thank you for your help, best regards



SpamSieve shows the Welcome window and help if you have not trained it with at least one good message and one spam message. Did you follow the instructions to do an initial training? How many messages of each type does the Statistics window say are in the corpus?

Hi ;

No I have not had any spam therefore not yet done but to the whitelist so, I made more, so I will wait to receive some spam :wink:

I do not understand well the last question (I’m from Belgium and I use the Google translator), one with the “corpus” :frowning:

Thanks for the reply anyway…

I just meant that the Statistics window shows you how many good messages and how many spam messages you’ve trained SpamSieve with. This is shown in the “Corpus” section of the window, and you can look in the screenshot to see where this is in your version.

You mean this ?


Yes. It looks like you’ve so far trained SpamSieve with 38 good messages and 0 spam messages.

Ok, thank you…

Here I treated my first spam and thus to remove these screens I have to do what ?

If possible, of course, if not, well it does not matter either :wink:

After you train it with one spam, you can close the windows and SpamSieve will not re-open them.

Ok, so this is perfect.
Thank you for all your help and for taking the time to answer me. :slight_smile:

Best regards …