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Remove SpamSieve Icon from Dock?

New to forum and SpamSieve (SS) - just installed and setup the app (v. 2.9.46) on my MBAir running Catalina and Apple Mail - want to remove the SS icon from the dock (and still keep active - assume needed to interact w/ Apple Mail). I read several related threads but most were 5-6+ years old - did I miss a recent one, if so sorry? How can this issue be handled at this time? Also, can the icon’s image be changed? Thanks. Dave :slight_smile:

The Dock icon can be hidden as described here, and it can be changed to an alternate image using the Use photo-realistic Dock icon preference.

Hi Michael - thanks for your prompt response - changed to an alternated image which I like better - seems like there are only two choices for the icon, correct? I’ll live with this other one for a while before trying to hide it. Much appreciated. Dave

Yes, there are only 2 icon choices.

Hi Michael - thanks again for your prompt help - thought there were just the two. Dave