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Remove tag from multiple records

How do I select a bunch of records and remove one specific tag, without touching any others?

The Batch Change dialog can’t do it.

I could adjust one of the sample AppleScripts.

How about dragging to the tag in the sidebar, but while holding the option key?

If you have the records selected in a tag source, pressing the Delete key will unassign that tag (without moving the records to the trash).

Another way: create a smart folder whose action is to remove that tag, then drag the records onto the smart folder.


But what if I want to unassigned another tag from records in a tag source?

Specifically my records are tagged either “unsent” or something like “sentDec2011” and I need a way to make the transition (but I don’t send all unsent items at once!)

Could you select them and then use the Tags inspector or Tag Cloud?

Of course. Thanks!

Maybe having used other parts of the program for years made it harder to see…