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Removed from blacklist, but some still seeping through

I have my google search set up to send me notifications of certain news stories. Out of the blue, some of them started getting moved to my spam folder. When I checked my blacklist, I found some culprits that might be doing it (I don’t know how they got in there) and it got better. But every day it seems like there were a couple more in the spam folder. I’ve searched and searched for what could be causing it but can’t find it. So I looked at the log and found one of the ones that ended up in spam, right next to one that was good. But I don’t know what it all means…maybe someone can tell me why one was marked spam and the other wasn’t? They both came from the same google email address.z

SpamSieve Log.log.jpg

Blocklist rules are either created by you (manually) or by SpamSieve (when you train a message as spam, it adds a rule to block that sender).

Did you delete or disable those rules? I would not expect that to help because normally if you train a good message in the Spam mailbox as spam, SpamSieve will automatically disable any matching blacklist rules. So if you are properly correcting the mistakes you won’t have any given rule cause you trouble more than once.

The first one didn’t match the blocklist or whitelist, so SpamSieve looked at the message’s content and thought it more closely matched other spam messages that you’d trained.

The second one matched a whitelist rule that SpamSieve had auto-created for that particular Google alert. If you train the first one as good, SpamSieve should create a whitelist rule for it, too.

But the first one does match the whitelist rule…it’s the same email address as the second one. the rule is:

From (address) contains googlealerts-noreply@google.com

The whitelist rule is working 99% of the time except for a few strays every day like this one.

I don’t know what that long number is at the front of the “matched rule” in the second one…that’s not how it shows up in the whitelist window.

I don’t knowingly send emails I want to keep to the blacklist, but somehow they keep ending up in there. I don’t know if there is a delayed reaction when selecting some of them and it’s attaching ones I don’t intend?

That’s not the whitelist rule that matched. My guess is that the rule for googlealerts-noreply@google.com is disabled (unchecked) because you trained a message from that address as spam.

Whitelist rules work 100% of the time when enabled and do nothing if they are disabled.

It’s the identifier for your Google alert. That rule will show up in the Whitelist window with “List-ID” for the Header.

I haven’t heard of that happening before. Are the right messages moving when you train them? You can also search the log if you want and see when a particular rule was created (and which message it was in response to).