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Removing Disk Image License Agreements

I have an AppleScript on my home (non-profit) web site that solves the creation of a read-only disk image. I’ve used it since Snow Leopard, I think. It still works for me in Big Sur. I find it useful because not only does it allow me to bypass the nuisance of disk image agreements, but it exposes the false security of disk image agreement notices in general. It’s current form is for creating a contextual menu item, but making it a droplet is simple enough, if you prefer. I’ll warn you that the URI may change before Sep. 1 because of the mandatory format revision of Google sites, but it’ll be there somewhere.

You can easily do this using DropDMG’s Convert Image/Archive… command or by dragging and dropping a disk image to convert. If you select None for the License, DropDMG will remove a pre-existing one.

Thank you, Thrush. I think that what you are talking about isn’t an issue for me.
Thank you, Michael.