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rename an rtf

i cannot find instructions for this. tried clicking and double-clicking on both the title and file name. tried command clicking, tried option clicking, tried control clicking. all those do is open an new window for the rtf.

tried reading the faq’s. tried searching the help menu. boy is that fruitless. the instructions for this program are not organized by task, but = for some reason = organized by what the content of each drop down menu does. but - hello? - what if the function you’re looking for isn’t in the drop down menus?

i apologize that this is such a basic question, but a search of this forum for “rename” and a search of the help menu for “rename” does not give an answer.

Renaming in EagleFiler works like in the Finder. You need to single-click in the File column, making sure to click on the text of the filename (not on the empty space in that column).

The Help does mention “rename” in various places, so I’m not sure why searching didn’t work. The Records List page describes how you can press Return to rename the current file. The Show Info page shows how you can change the filename by editing the field at the top of the Info window.

Would it be possible to add a shortcut for changing the Title of a record? Right now I either need to reach out for the mouse or bring up the Inspector to change the title.



There’s already a shortcut for editing the title: Option-Return.