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Repeat Missing File Errors With Dropbox

Hi Michael I think this is a related problem however I’m not using iCloud storage, my file is in Dropbox.
The “Missing File” is sent to the Trash and the Trash is emptied. Next time I open the Library they show up again. I tried rebuilding the database but it had no effect. Problem began after I rebuilt my iMac drive. Unfortunately there was some other issue with the reinstall of the files and I now have a large Library which a significant portion “lost” Tags. I presume I must have utilized an older backup as my master Library?

That’s strange. Either emptying the trash or rebuilding the library should make EagleFiler completely forget the file. It would only come back if the file itself comes back (so EagleFiler notices a new file and imports it again) or if the database file is being replaced with an older version. Perhaps you can look at the files in Finder and Dropbox and see whether either of those might be happening.

I’m not sure what you mean by “lost”?