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Rescan library

Hello to the forum,

I’ve not been using EagleFiler long, but I like what I see so far! I am however having a problem while getting used to the program (trying to remember to use EF to organize the library), which is that I keep make directories directly inside the library by drag and drop, bypassing EagleFiler. Is there any way I can get EagleFiler to rescan the library and add the new folders and files, or must I find them, move them out, and then import them again?

Thanks for any help,


Not currently. However, you can drag a new folder into an EagleFiler window (or into the To Import folder) in order to add the new folder (and its contents).

Thanks Michael,


EagleFiler 1.5’s Scan for New Files feature now does this.

Yes, I noticed that a little while ago that it added some files. I’d never have known about them were it not for the rescan.

Another great new feature — thanks!