Rescue Good Messages script fails

Lately my ISP’s spam protection has been filtering my monthly electrical bill into the server’s Junk folder. The sender’s address is whitelisted in SpamSieve but the Rescue Good Messages script fails to move it into my inbox. Any suggestions? Thanks. SpamSieve 3.0.3b1 Sonoma 14.2.1

You can use the Window ‣ Log command to see which messages SpamSieve has processed. Do these messages show up as Predicted?

Also, if the rescue script is set up properly, every message in your Junk mailbox should have a colored background.

The message list text is brown. Background is black. (I’m using dark mode.) The SpamSieve log info says the server junk filter classified the message as spam. When I manually apply the message rules SpamSieve predicts it as good. Unfortunately this one message is almost the only one the server filter ever marks as spam, so it’s hard to know how the script would work with other false positives.

If it’s black that sounds like SpamSieve hadn’t looked at it yet, i.e. the rule hadn’t been applied. But I guess the rule and script do work because you were able to apply them manually. So maybe the issue is simply that you hadn’t recently received a new message in the inbox to trigger the rule to run the rescue script.

Hmm. Shame on me for not thinking of that. Would it be processed faster if I convert the rescue script to an app? Thanks for your help.

I solve this problem using Lingon X to run the Rescue Good Messages script every 1 minute, At least until it’s built into the SpamSieve app. Which is just another way of running the script as an app.

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Yes, if you save the script as an app, it will check Junk on a regular schedule. The default is every 5 minutes, and you can adjust this in the on idle handler.