Reset Corpus Error

Getting more spam through than normal that is not being caught, so I decided to reset the corpus and got this error… any help please?

The error 779 means SQLITE_CORRUPT_INDEX, i.e. that the corpus database file is damaged. This probably explains why filtering wasn’t working properly before. Currently, the Reset Corpus command deletes the data within the corpus database, but it doesn’t delete the database itself, so it can’t fix this type of problem. I suggest that you quit SpamSieve and completely reset the corpus by deleting the file /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.spamsieve-corpus.

Hi MIcahel, I completely deleted and wiped everything and reinstalled… but, for your info… I got that error message when I tried to delete the Corpus… if that helps you… but all is resolved now… thanks.