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resolving sync conflicts

I use my eaglefiler libraries on multiple macs, so keep the main file on idisk. It seems I often have sync conflicts where mobile me sync asks me whether to keep the file on my hard drive, on idisk or on both. Other times, it gives me an additional option of – keep the most recent version. Which of these should I select? Its my understanding that I actually want the library to sit both on my hard drive on on idisk, hence my confusion.

If you follow the instructions for using EagleFiler with iDisk there should not be any sync conflicts. You will sync from the iDisk to your Mac, then make changes only from that Mac, then sync them back to the iDisk, overwriting any older versions there.

If you do get into a situation where there’s a conflict, it’s up to you to determine which file is the one to keep. They’ve both changed, so there’s no way for me or the software to know which you want. Keeping both is not good from an EagleFiler perspective, because that would have the effect of adding a file to the library that it doesn’t know about.

I’m going to need you to help me with this one a little more. I suspect the real problem here is that I don’t understand idisk.

I believe that I set up my library exactly as described in the manual.

– My library is on idisk. I am online all day while I work.
– I open eaglefiler from idisk when I start my day.
– When I’m done with eaglefiler, I close it and hit sync for idisk.
– I then go home, am online again, sync idisk with computer, then open eaglefiler from idisk.

I don’t really understand what you mean by “then make changes only from that mac”… sorry, but idisk remains a bit of mystery to me.

The bottom line is that you need to sync the iDisk before opening the library in EagleFiler and after closing it.

What I mean is that you should not open the same library on two Macs at once. That will lead to conflicts the because the same files will be edited on both Macs at the same time. After using the library on Mac A, you need to sync from A. Then sync Mac B. Then open the library on Mac B.

Well, I seem to have made a mess of it when I resolved conflicts initially. I must not be closing out properly when I sync and then have the libraries open on two different macs. thanks.

Now, tho, I have a huge number of missing files. So back to my original question – if I happen to make a mistake when syncing and end up with a conflict, I assume I select resolve conflict by relying on the file in idisk?

Also, now that I have all these missing files, which are actually on my hard drive – what should I do? I hit the reveal button on the Errors window, and the file is revealed in a folder. Do I re-import them?

thanks again

Like I said, if there’s a conflict that means both files (the local one and the one on the iDisk) have changed since the last sync. Human judgement is required to know which one you want to keep or to merge the changes.

There are several different ways of handling missing files. Please see this thread.