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Resource Forks


I’m considering using Dropbox but run in to the comment: “Dropbox does not support Mac OS X labels or resource forks, so these will be lost when syncing unless you use an encrypted library.”

Since I’m only a mortal user, could anyone please explain the implications and why/if I should care?


Let me try to clarify that section of the manual:

Dropbox is a free service for sharing files between Macs and accessing them from the Web. It can work with EagleFiler so long as only one Mac is using the library at a time. Dropbox currently has limited support for Mac files. It does not support resource forks, extended attributes, labels, bundle bits, and other HFS metadata. If you use an encrypted EagleFiler library (in sparse disk image format), this will not be a problem. EagleFiler will wrap up your library and all its files into a single .sparseimage file that Dropbox can correctly sync. If you do not use an encrypted library, you must consider the possibility that Dropbox will throw away parts of certain files when syncing, causing you to lose data. If you have detailed knowledge of what kind of metadata your files have, and whether it needs to be preserved, you can decide for yourself whether or not this is a problem for you. If in doubt, you should use an encrypted library.