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Respect filename on import 1.6.4


I am just trying out EagleFiler 1.6.4. I noticed that when I import a folder full of files, the imported files do not always retain the same names in my original source. Is there an option to have EagleFiler respect the names already gave to the files being imported?

EagleFiler 1.6.4
Mac OS 10.9.5

Regards, Mel

Could you give some specific examples? EagleFiler does try to retain the original filename unless there’s already a file with that name in the folder that you were importing into. Also, which of the different import methods were you using?

I believe I know what happened. When I am looking at the files in EagleFiler, the names of the imported files do not match the original source. However, the files when viewed with Finder showed the original file name. EagleFiler must be showing the name from the content of the file or some derived information. Since I purposely renamed my files to reflect the contents, I expected to see the names I had already assigned to the file.

I did a quick test with a web archive of your EagleFiler page and a PDF of the same web page. I have attached a couple of images. The one titled “Finder.png” shows the original files with Path Finder and the one titled “Library.png” shows the title in EagleFiler.

I have had invoices where I have assigned the name with the date and source. Once imported, all those invoices showed in EagleFiler with the same title. Unless I click on the file to see a preview, it is not possible to determine what I am looking at. The result is I have to manually change the title in EagleFiler.

Is there a way for the import files to set the titles in EagleFilers from the filenames?




You can just look in the File column of the EagleFiler window. If you want, you can hide the Title column entirely.

If you want to change the titles (rather than just hide them) you can use the Batch Change command and set the titles to be blank. That will make them match the filenames.

That did the trick.

Thanks, Mel