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Restoring Apple Mail

I needed to restore my Apple Mail following a re-format and re-install. I made the mistake of not backing up SpamSieve. I re-installed SpamSieve and so effectively will be starting from scratch.

After running Mail/SpamSieve a few times, SpamSieve told me that it didn’t have enough good messages in it’s corpus. So I highlighted all the messages in my Inbox (about 2000) and told it that they were good. Now I’m finding that quite a lot of spam messages are not being filtered…especially those ones that have the spam as, what looks like, an image.

What should I have done?

What should I do now?

In future, what is the best way to backup spamsieve along with my Apple mail?

Many thanks

You should have trained it with fewer messages. Here are the recommendations for the initial training.

Reset the corpus and then follow the instructions above.

SpamSieve’s training data is stored in the Application Support folder.