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retain subforum name in titlebar?

Not sure a forum request belongs here, but here it is anyway …

My forum usability would be improved if the Safari window titlebar contained the subforum name when viewing a thread. At the subforum level the title is “<subforum> - C-Command Forums”. When viewing a thread the subforum name is replaced by the thread topic name. Instead, I’m suggesting the topic name to be prepended.

Retaining the subforum name would make it possible to quickly identify when switching between multiple threads in Safari windows/tabs where content is scrolled down where the “C-Command Forums > <subforum> |_ <topic>” near the top of the page is no longer visible. As I peruse forum backlog it’s become increasingly common to open numerous threads in tabs under a single Safari window. I may leave them for extended periods of time (including saving/restoring workspace sessions with SafariStand), then finding it’s less efficient than it might be when “fussing around” with them later. That process is more easily visualized than described. One alternative is to dedicate each subforum and its threads to a separate window but I’ve been struggling to reduce window clutter.

Hopefully that explanation of why including the subforum name in the titlebar on thread pages would be an improvement makes sense. I’m open to other suggestions, too. Thanks!

This is the right place.

Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ve changed the template.

Excellent. Thanks for making the change so quickly.