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Retaining File Owner

Hopefully this is an easy one.

We are simply trying to create a DMG ‘drag to Applications’ installation of a simple directory. However, many of the files in the directory are owned by the ‘nobody’ user, and must remain that way in the target system. After doing the drag installation, the files in question have changed ownership (to administrator in our case, which is the user we’re logged in as).

Is there a simple way to tell DropDMG to retain file ownerships during installation?



I believe DropDMG already preserves the ownership. However, when the .dmg file is mounted on the Mac for installation (via double-clicking the .dmg file), Mac OS X changes the ownership of the files. You can get around this by using DropDMG’s Mount Image command and making sure that Enable file ownership is checked.

Or, you could try using a different format such as .tar.