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Retry failed operation

Sometimes when an operation fails I can fix the problem. Then I want to retry the operation. I don’t see any way to “retry” an operation. Am I missing something? If not, count this as a feature request.

What sort of failure are you referring to? Do you mean, for example, not having enough free disk space on the destination volume?

Thanks for the suggestion. Right now, the closest to “retry” would be that if you are not using temporary options, everything should still be set up the same way, so you can just drag and drop the same source item again.

The failure is usually not enough space, but occasionally I cancel an operation. The reason I would want a “retry” is that although the settings are still the same, dragging things back to the window is somewhat inconvenient (I may have selected other items in the Finder while the operation was proceeding), but even more inconvenient are the steps I have to go through to identify destinations, image names, etc.

Thanks for explaining.

That makes sense; I agree. I just wanted to point out what is possible today.