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Returning to EagleFiler After Three Years of DevonThink

Hi. I used EagleFiler for about six months. I could never quite get “into it”, and eventually tried other similar programs, ending up with DevonThink Pro. I’ve been using DTP for about three years, and I’m frustrated. While it is VERY EASY to get things INTO DTP, I’ve found that searching and getting things out can be a pain at times. Also, I have Hazel and find that it doesn’t do much for me with DTP. So, here I am, wanting to migrate all my files back to EagleFiler!

Question is: What is the best practices for doing this? Should I first EXPORT files from DTP, then IMPORT into EF? Should I start from scratch with new EF libraries (I still have my old EF library on my Mac). If I end up with duplicate files, can I get this fixed within EF?

As you can see, I’m somewhat at a loss and would appreciate any guidance.



Welcome back. You could either export and then import or select the items in DEVONthink and press EagleFiler’s capture key. I recommend the latter as it is likely to preserve more of the metadata.

That’s up to you. I guess it would depend on whether you want to keep the files that are already in those old libraries.

You won’t end up with duplicates if you have the option to allow them unchecked. You can also remove duplicates later using this script.