Returning to the fold... but can't find my old databases


I used EagleFiler years ago mainly to archive emails (last version was 2009!!), and moved onto using Devonthink. But now have the need to recover some very old emails but cannot remember what the filename extension is for legacy files like these to search my archive drives for the databases.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Currently using the 30 day trial but may come back to using this as not found DT to be that great at archiving my emails…

Best regards,


EagleFiler uses the filename extension .eflibrary. There’s more information about finding your library here. Within the library folder, the actual mail files would likely have the extension .mbox or none at all for mailboxes and .eml for individual message files.

that’s brilliant, thanks!!
I’ll get on and dig out the relevant emails
Best regards, Joe