RTF file somehow changed to RTFD and so invisible to EF

When attempting to open a note, I was told that it didn’t exist. In fact, what was previously an rtf note was now an rtfd note, and so not recognized by EF. I didn’t consciously change the file format. Any idea how this could have happened?

(I recovered the file in Dropbox and uploaded it again as a WORD file…)

This will happen if you edit the RTF file outside of EagleFiler and add an image or other attachment when there were none before. TextEdit will change the format to RTFD, which changes the filename, which EagleFiler isn’t expecting.

I don’t think I did that!

Are you accessing the EagleFiler library from multiple Macs via Dropbox?

The only time I accessed Eaglefiler via Dropbox was to recover the “lost” file.

I have no explanation for how the filename in the database and the filename on disk could be out of sync if you never changed either from outside of EagleFiler. It seems like that could only happen if there were a crash right in the middle of an edit that added an attachment to the RTF file. Please let me know if this happens again.

OK — thanks…