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RTFD files

I didn’t see any recent postings regarding this type of file. I have several files that got saved as RTFD files which Dropbox can’t read so they are of no use to me if I am searching for something in Dropbox that hasn’t been converted. I am using a Mac running Catalina.

The problem is that the RTFD files that I open in Text Edit and then export as a PDF all the pages aren’t exported. For instance in Text Edit I see all 4 pages there of my Comcast bill but when I export it as a PDF and import into EF, it is only 1 page.

How do I convert these RTFD files so that all the pages are preserved? Thank you for your help and I hope you have a good 2020, Judy

Saving an RTFD document as a PDF should show all the pages of the rich text, just like when you print it.

But it sounds like you actually have a PDF file that’s embedded as an attachment in the RTFD file. It’s just like how you can put images in RTFD files. The catch is that for multi-page images like PDF, TextEdit will only show the first page.

So what you need to do is extract the PDF attachment as a separate file. Then you will be able to view it as a normal PDF.

  • While viewing the RTFD file in TextEdit (or EagleFiler) you can double-click the PDF content to open the PDF file in Preview. You could then Option-drag the title bar icon to copy the file somewhere, or use File > Save As.

  • Or, you’re looking at the RTFD file in the Finder, you can use Show Package Contents to open it up (it’s actually a folder) and directly access the PDF file inside.

Thank you SO much, Michael! I only tried the Show Package Contents but that worked beautifully! Judy

Well, it worked with just one so far. The other ones that are RTFD and I open up the Show Package Contents, most only show a TXT file. Others have PNGs. As for your first suggestion when I double click on the content and I don’t see the option to open it in Preview.

That means there are no files attached, so probably no images at all. What sort of PDF export problems are you seeing with these RTFD files?

What are you double-clicking on, and what happens when you do so?

Hi Michael-When I view the RTFD in EF it looks ok but when I open Dropbox on my iPhone this is what I see…

I can’t open it. That’s it…

In EF it looks like this-it’s really 3 pages long but it doesn’t show that when it’s in the RFTD format. See screenshot…

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 8.38.21 PM.png

That’s expected. As you mentioned in the initial post, Dropbox doesn’t support the RTFD format. That’s why I suggested opening the PDF inside and saving it as a separate file.

Thank you, Michael. I think I have the hang of it now. You are very patient with me… Judy