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rtfd files

Great app.

My Problem:
I archive my messages from mail by saving them into one rtfd file. After I’ve imported the file into EF and try to look through the file I get a noticeable performance hit; I mean everthing on my computer slows down while the beachball hangs and the scrollbar eventually starts moving down the rtfd file. Is this a limitation of my computer? (iMac G5, 10.4.8, 1.5GB) By the way the rtfd file is 194MB.

Should I just save each and every one of the messages? I save them into one rtfd file so others can have access to the archive on the local network.

Feature request:
I’d like to put user login information and other sensitive information in EF. Will EF have a password protect option/encryption in the next release? I would definitely need this before I switch fully over from DevonThink Pro, which is a great app also, but EF seems to streamline importing nicely.

Thanks for a great app!

Mac OS X’s text system is not really designed to work with RTF files that large. Performance will be much better if you archive the mail into EagleFiler as mail, i.e. use the capture key and let EagleFiler import it as a mbox file.

I’m planning to add support for encryption to EagleFiler. It will probably not be in the next release, though, as that will be focused on improving the features that are already there.

Thanks, Michael, for the quick reply.

Encryption was added in EagleFiler 1.2.