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Rule to delete some messages and not put them in Junk?

I’m new here, and not sure how to formulate this question.

I have a few work-related email accounts that receive genuine email, and I must keep the accounts active. However, due to repeated data leaks in client systems (in particular, a U.S. government procurement system that makes all contractor email addresses public), these addresses get an enormous amount of junk daily. SpamSieve captures several hundred of these messages a day for each of these accounts. It is tiresome to cull through the junk messages folder every day looking for the rare nugget that is a good email, not spam.

There must be a better practice. I’ve tried making “delete immediately” rules in Mail for some of the worst offenders, but that is not a sustainable approach as the from-addresses morph continually. Nor do I want to automatically delete everything in Junk, because legitimate mail does show up there and needs to be trained as good.

Am I missing something? I hate all this crap showing up all the time, and am grateful that SpamSieve sweeps it into the sewer, but I would also like it to be automatically flushed away.

Hout about a third option in addition to Train and Good and Train as Spam: Train as Always Delete.

SpamSieve colors each message according to how spammy it is, and you can configure Mail to treat different levels of spam in different ways. For example, you could set it to move blue (the most spammy) messages to the trash, so that messages from the same name or address as those you’ve trained as spam will automatically be deleted (but can still be reviewed in the trash if you want).

Or, if you’re concerned with addresses changing, you could set it to move the next most spammy color (gray) to the trash, too.

Another approach is to use separate mailboxes or sorting to group messages by color. This can help you more efficiently scan the messages to see whether any are good.

You can fine-tune SpamSieve’s blocklist to control which messages are classified as maximally spammy.

A separate “delete immediately” rule in Mail is also fine. You can use a single rule with multiple conditions to cut down on clutter. Just make sure that such a rule is above the SpamSieve rule in the list.

Good advice. I’ll try the color rules first.