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Rules disappearing

I’ve been repeatedly adding a rule for an email address, adding two rules for daily@digiday.com and @digiday.com to the whitelist. I’ve added this rule numerous times and when I search within the Whitelist the rules are not there. I also noticed my rules from Feburary 2013 to yesterday have disappeared. Any reason why this is?


It sounds like there’s a file problem. Either the Rules files was damaged or the permissions are such that SpamSieve is not able to update it. After you edit the whitelist, SpamSieve will try to save it. Any errors in doing this would be reported in Console.

Thanks for sending the diagnostic report. I don’t see anything about the rules, but it looks like a bad ACL is preventing the corpus from being saved, and my guess is that it’s affecting the rules as well. You should be able to fix the file permissions by entering this command in Terminal:

sudo chmod -RN ~/Library/Application\ Support/SpamSieve/

It will ask for your Mac’s administrator password.