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rules for moving things in the finder

I created a new Eaglefiler library, really a renaming of an older one, but because of the way I dragged and dropped material into it, ended up with an awkward file structure in the Finder. (A “Files” folder nested inside a “Files” folder.) Nonetheless, Eaglefiler worked fine.

I fixed the problem–or untidiness–by rearranging things in the Finder–but that led my library to break down completely: Eaglefiler showed all files as missing. This is not a crisis, as I went back to my original library. What are the ground rules for moving folders in the Finder that are governed by Eaglefiler. I always seem to mess it up, leading to mild panic when Eaglefiler rebels.

All rearranging, renaming, and deleting should be done using EagleFiler, rather than the Finder. More info here.