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Rules in the white list are not being applied

I have been using Spamsieve for over two months on Mac OS 10.14.2 with Airmail email application on my Mac.

Spamsieve is sending my good emails to Spam even though the emails are listed in white list. I have trained Spamsieve several times for these email to be good but they still end up in Spam. How can I correct this nagging issue as these emails are important to me and they end up in spam folder.

Please advice.

I’ve never seen a problem with SpamSieve’s whitelist not working (unless it’s turned off). The most likely explanation is that something else (e.g. a server junk filter) is moving the messages to the Spam mailbox. You can confirm this by checking SpamSieve’s log to see whether it says that it predicted those messages to be spam.

You are correct. I checked the Spamsieve log and confirmed that Spamsieve is not filtering these emails which are in my whitelist. I am looking into my email server spam filter and will be able to fix this issue. Thanks for your help