Running SpamSieve on Multiple Macs

Brand new to SpamSieve so I have a question. Regarding running SpamSieve on multiple Macs. On page 69 of the user manual, under the heading iCloud Rule Syncing it states: Multiple Macs using the same iCloud account will automatically have the same rules in Apple Mail. I have a 2020, M1, MacBook Pro and a 2014, Intel, Mac mini, with both systems running Monterey 12.7.3.

By iCloud account, are you referring to “System Preferences/Apple ID/iCloud Drive/Options/Mail”, where the Mail check box would be checked (see attached screenshot)?


Yes, that is setting to control syncing Mail rules between Macs.


Great software, and being retired, the 320 page user manual is not a challenge. The reason I’m now using SpamSieve is this. The Thunderbird email client has one incredible feature that in all its wisdom Apple left out of Mail. I have two systems, a MacBook Pro and a Mac mini. With Thunderbird’s ability to designate where the “local folders” are kept (or in Apple’s Mail it’s called "On My Mac), mine are kept up on iCloud, so no matter which system I’m on, all my local folders appear in Thunderbird.

But, unlike Apple’s Mail program, Thunderbird has a very poor spam filtering process. Apple’s Mail is much better, and even better with SpamSieve installed. So, every morning, the first email run is done with Mail, all the spam gets filtered out and deleted, and then I’m back to work with Thunderbird. And, with the help of the folks on the MacScripter web site, I now have an AppleScript that starts Mail, when I quit Mail the script (with the “stay-open option enabled) then launches Thunderbird.


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I’m glad you figured out a setup that works for you, but I would be really cautious of this. It sounds like a recipe for data loss because iCloud’s syncing is unpredictable and Thunderbird doesn’t expect to have its data change out from under it.

I ran Postbox (it’s based on Thunderbird but with a nicer GUI) for a good number of years, and while Boxcryptor was still available for Dropbox, I would use Dropbox to store the local folders. Once Boxcryptor was sold to Dropbox I needed to switch to iCloud Drive for my local folder storage. The local folders in iCloud Drive are backed up on almost a daily basis, so hopefully, I’m reasonably safe from data loss.

Also, I’m a long time user of DropDMG and I’m incredibly impressed by the software you produce. Congratulations on some pretty fantastic products.

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