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Safari Open "safe" files after downloading

I have built my dmg file and if I double click on it, everything works as expected, the license is displayed, the image mounted and the window opened with my icons, background image etc.

However if I download it with Safari and the Open “safe” files after downloading option is checked, it is not working as expected. Safari displays the license, mounts the image, copies the files and unmounts the image. What I am left with is a folder in downloads that contains my files. If I double click on it, it opens with my layout and works as expected. But why is Safari copying the files rather than just mounting the image?

When I download DropDMG it works as expected so I guess I am doing something wrong when building my dmg.

I build using the command line tool and do have the do --internet-enabled parameter set.

Any ideas?


Using the Internet-enabled option tells Safari to expand the .dmg file into a folder.

Boy I got that one backwards :slight_smile:

I thought internet enabled was a good thing, that it is what triggered Safari to mount the image. Anyway, I removed that option and everything works fine now.