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Same companies keep appearing in spam folder. How to stop that?

I’ve been using SpamSieve for years but I’m wondering if I’m using it correctly.

I get 50 to 100 spams a day that SpamSieve correctly sends to my spam folder. However, there are sometimes 1 or 2 messages in the bunch that I need to mark as Train As Good. So, every day I have to read through maybe 100 or more subject lines in my Spam folder just to find the couple that should not be there. I wouldn’t mind so much but I keep seeing the same companies day after day, e.g. Groupon, Belly Fat Blast, Match Dating, etc. Having once labelled these as Spam, I’d like to never see them again. Instead, I have to see them every day as I’m searching for the 1 or 2 emails that need to be re-classified as good.

Am I missing something here? It seems like I should be able to make Belly Fat Blast never show up again. How do I do that?



You can make the messages from known spammy senders go directly to the trash. However, in my view the real problem is that you are getting 1–2 good messages in the Spam mailbox per day. That’s not normal. Please see this page for how to send more information about this problem via e-mail.