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Hi there,

My girlfriend has SaneBox set up on her email accounts and I am trying to get her onto SpamSieve. Would using SaneBox interfere with SpamSieve? I’m assuming one would make the other redundant.

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Not redundant because they do different things. With the default setup, there is interference in that SpamSieve filters your inbox for spam but SaneBox takes some of the messages out of the inbox before they get to your Mac. If you want SpamSieve to filter those messages, you can make an Apple Mail rule that runs this script.

Thanks, Michael. I have a few questions implementing this.

I decided to run the script as an application - as you stated that this uses less overhead.

  1. Do I still need to have this rule running in my mail preferences?
  2. I don’t understand where the “idle” handler is.
  3. Does the below look okay checking an iCloud account and the folders, SaneLater, SaneNews, SaneNoReplies and SaneBlackHole?

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Screenshot 2017-08-09 20.01.14.png

Just the regular SpamSieve rule, no SaneBox rule.

It’s the part between “on idle” and “end idle”. Normally you don’t need to edit this.


By the way, the forum got a bounced e-mail saying that the address you entered is invalid.

Thanks, Michael.

The application doesn’t seem to run every 5 minutes. I have been watching the Log History Events but nothing happens.
The application is saved in /Application Scripts/com.apple.mail.

I’m aware of the bounced mail issue. Thanks for the heads up.

If you are referring to the Script Editor log, that only shows stuff when you run from within Script Editor. Normally, you would run the script by double-clicking the application, and the only logging would be to Console if there is an error. If you want, you could enable debug logging in the script so that it logs more.

It doesn’t need to be saved there since you aren’t running it as a Mail rule script.

I understand. Thanks again, Michael.

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Hi Michael. I wanted to thank you for this script. It seems to have solved the main problem I had with SaneBox. I felt I had lost the benefits of SpamSieve, which deals so well with Spam. Now, I’ve got both the SpamSieve and SaneBox rules working great. I think at some point I’ll try running the Sanebox rule as a freestanding app and see how that works for me, but so far I’m getting great results running both rules together.


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I’m using this script on Big Sur 11.2.2.

Rather than junk found in SaneLater folders being moved to the On my Mac > Spam folder, it is landing in On My Mac > Recovered Mail.

Can you advise what I might have misconfigured?

Probably nothing. Mail in Big Sur just seems to have trouble moving messages sometimes. You could try creating a Spam mailbox in your account, and then the script will try to use that instead of the local mailbox.

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