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Save PDF to Eaglefiler

Hello. I am using the Mac store version of Eaglefiler, and am trying to set up the Save PDF to Eaglefiler option in the Print menu. I have followed the instructions (I think) but it does not show up as an option in the print dialog box. I have tried it multiple times. Once, when I forgot to rename the folder after putting the alias in it, I saw “Eaglefiler” (not Save PDF to Eaglefiler) as an option in the print dialog box, but after renaming the folder as I was supposed to, it disappeared. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks.
Using Big Sur 11.2.3. Eaglefiler 1.9.3

The folder is not supposed to be renamed. It should be called PDF Services. The alias starts out named EagleFiler.app alias and can be renamed to Save PDF to EagleFiler if you want.

OK, I misunderstood which I was to rename. I have it working now. Thank you.

I’m glad it was a simple fix! I’ll try make the instructions clearer.