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Save to EagleFiler Problems (via PDF Printing menu)

I use Readability to isolate just the text when I save web pages. I then print and use the Save to EagleFiler PDF option. I’m finding that if I do that, it will import before the web page is completely printed. It seems to only get the first page. In contrast, the Save to DEVONthink Pro script does get the whole document.

I’ve been working around this problem by printing to PDF and then dragging the resulting file to EagleFiler.

I’m not seeing this on my Mac. Which version of Mac OS X are you using? What are some example URLs that exhibit the problem?

Another option would be to “Save as PDF” into EagleFiler’s “To Import” folder.

I’m using 10.6.2. However, it seems to be fixed in the latest version. I just upgraded and all the URLs I’ve just tried seem to work. It may be due to the length. The ones I’ve tried in the past that failed were ones that printed to 10+ pages.