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Save website OS independent


so the function that you can backup websites is awesome. Unfortunately, but only the Web Archive erziehlt a good ergebniss, but that can only be opened with Safari werdne. I would like to share the saved pages with users who also use Windows and Linux.
All other formats that are selectable do not give a nice picture of the website, either the images are missing or the formatting is terrible.
Is there any way to do this?

Here is an example of a page to be saved:

Did you try the PDF Web page format? That seemed to work well when I tried it for that page.

Yes then the pictures are missing
Monster des Monats- Der Schutz- oder Seelensalamander – ABOREA.pdf (244.1 KB)

Web archive would be perfect if other browsers could open this.

Hmm, this is the PDF that it generates for me. I’m not sure why you are seeing different results. Do you get the images if you use Safari to print the page as PDF?

Monster des Monats: Der Schutz- oder Seelensalamander – ABOREA.pdf (556.4 KB)

It looks like something changed in WebKit that makes this particular page work on Catalina but not in Big Sur. I’m investigating.

ok interesting, I hope there is a solution for this :slight_smile:

Are there other URLs that have the same problem?

I just tried it here(caution the site is quite ad-infested), the pictures seem to be displayed
CORSAIR KATAR PRO XT im Test | Hardware-Inside | Hardware-Inside Forum.pdf (663.1 KB)