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Saving password in non-default keychain


I’m using DropDMG to shift data from lots of PGP Disks one mac over to .sparsebundles on a new imac (where its been a real timesaver), and to create preconfigured new blank images on the new machine. On the new imac, I’m storing the passwords for the disk images in a keychain on a USB stick - this new keychain is not the default for the imac, which remains the login keychain. I thought it would also make sense to keep the passwords from DropDMG configurations for new disks on the same USB keychain, but it doesn’t seem to want to play. If I drag and drop the passwords to the new keychain, the password fields in the DropDMG configurations won’t be populated the next time I open the application.

Can you suggest a solution to this, or is it just the case that DropDMG only works with the default keychain, or perhaps even only the login keychain?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

DropDMG (like most apps) only uses the default keychain. I will look into having it search all the loaded keychains.