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Scan for new files AND delete?

Is it possible to make Eaglefiler scan for new files AND delete missing/removed files at the same time?

I’m trying to use Eaglefiler together with some ipodtouch/iphone apps, f.eks, simplenote or notebooks. It works very well to some extend. The problem is that files that I have deleted or moved to another folder either via the finder or my mobile device, still stay in Eaglefiler. EF does not remove them from the list view, although they are gone. It displays an error message (File missing etc). I know I can delete them manually one by one, but I hope EF can do that automatically as well?

(And as bonus-question: Is it possible to make links clickable in plain text documents?)

That’s not currently possible, but it’s something I’d like to make easier.

Currently you would need to select the link, right-click, and choose Open URL. I don’t know whether clickable links are possible in plain text (it doesn’t work with TextEdit, either), but I will investigate.


It works with plain text files in Notational Velocity.