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scanner recommendations?

With the pdfpen/script option, it sounds like EF users don’t need a scanner that comes with Adobe. Those tend to be $400-plus. Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent sheet-fed scanner that’s less than that? (Or maybe I’m wrong and the more expensive ones, like ScanSnap, are still the ones to get.)

I’ve got a brother all-in-one that, as far as I know, doesn’t allow sheet-fed scanning, though it does sheet-fed copying.

After lots of experience with cheaper scanners and multi-function devices, I’ve learned that the $400 sheet-fed scanners are worth every penny. I have the Fujitsu ScanSnap S500M, and it’s just fabulous. The feeder works reliably, every time, without skipping pages or getting jammed. It handles narrow receipts, large stacks of letter paper, and even stacked 4x6 photos. It does auto-duplexing and auto-rotation. And it can be configured to output highly compressed black-and-white multi-page PDF files, which I was never able to get any other software to do automatically. Every other scanner was so frustrating to use that I never wanted to scan anything.

Thanks for the thoughts. Am I right that with full-blown Adobe, which comes with ScanSnap, there would be no need for PDFPen (and the associated script)?

Yes, in theory, but in my opinion PDFpen is much nicer than Acrobat.

MFC8869DN Brother MFC
I use this as my scanner with PDFPen and EagleFiler. It has a document feeder and can scan these documents to separate files and place those PDF files in a specific folder to which I attached the script as a folder action. The only thing it can’t do is scan documents of different sizes at the same time as the ScanSnap S500M can.

Not turning that one up in searches, but I gather (from models with similar numbers) it’s a monochrome laser all-in-one? What’s it go for?

Dang typos
D for duplex feeder and duplex printer. Monochrome
N for network.

I bought mine for $369