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Script for the items in subfolders?

I ran script Filename to Title and realized that it only works for individually selected items. I have items in subfolders in a folder and I do not want to run the script for each item manually. I tried the script for the folder, enclosing subfolders, but it rather wiped out some files in the subfolders. Any suggestion?



How about clicking in the records list and choosing Edit > Select All?

It only works for the files under a folder (one level depth), not for the files under its subfolder (two level depth).

I think if you select the folders in the folders panel that hold the records you wish to run the script on, and then do as Michael suggests (clicking in the records list and choose Edit > Select All), this should work. You will be able to select the records from all of the selected folders. You can select multiple folders and their subfolders by using the usual selection keys of Shift or Command.

Oh, now I got it. I did not understand correctly in the first place. Thank you, kaybee, for the detailed explanation.