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Script move to folder after import

I have a workflow using OCR and hazel to import PDFs into eaglefiler, but the last step is still manual and the automation magic is eluding me.
I have a series of folders setup such as power bill, phone bill, etc. I would like to have eagle filer move documents into the correct folder after importing.

The process would be incredibly simple because my workflow already renames the pdfs according to what they are before importing. So a simple regex and move script (similar to what hazel can do) would be perfect, it just needs to run inside eaglefiler when a file is imported.


This could probably be done via AppleScript, but why not just have Hazel move it before importing into Eaglefiler?

Are you suggesting I have hazel move the files into the correct folder within the eaglefiler folder structure in the finder first? Will it then show up in the correct location in eaglefiler after import? How would I do the import automatically?

At the moment hazel moves the file to the “To Import” folder and eaglefiler picks it up next time it opens. I then use the “unfiled” smart search to see all the new things and move them within the folder structure inside eaglefiler.



EagleFiler will import them automatically the next time you open the library. Or you could use the Scan for New Files command if you want it to happen sooner. This command is also AppleScriptable.

Awesome. That works great. Thanks.