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Scripts from the menu bar don't work

For example, I select a message in the INBOX, select Train as Spam from the script menu in the menu bar and nothing happens. No new log info appears, the message just sits there. But if I open the script in the script editor and press run, the message gets moved to the junk folder and I get a message in the log file.

Which mail program and version of macOS are you using?

How are you finding the script to open it in Script Editor?

Outlook 16.36.1
spamsieve 2.9.39
OS 10.14.2 (18C54)
I went to applications / utilities / script editor
I just dn loaded Outlook and Spamsieve yesterday.
thank you.

I recommend that you hold down the Option key when choosing the script from the menu. This will ensure that the script that the menu is using is the one that’s opened in Script Editor for you to test. Does that script still work in Script Editor?

You could also click here to enable some additional debug logging, then choose the script from the menu, and then save a diagnostic report to see whether it shows any information about what happened.

Holding the Option key and selecting a script from the menu bar has no effect.
No new log info appears, the message just sits there.
The script still works if I run it from the script editor.
I thought for sure this would be a simple problem to fix.

Yes, this is strange. I don’t recall seeing this problem before. It sounds like something is wrong with the macOS script menu, if it shows the scripts but cannot run them or open them. It doesn’t seem to have reported any errors in the log.

You could try installing the Outlooks scripts again—perhaps they are damaged. Or you could try running the via FastScripts instead of the system script menu. It will automatically find the scripts at the same install location.