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Scripts not appearing in Outlook

Just trying to install SpamSieve for the first time. I have enable scripts to be seen on the menu via the script preferences. I have created the scripts and can see the scripts in an Outlook folder. But cannot see the scripts in the Outlook menu. I have tried restarting Outlook, and I have the new look Outlook disabled.

Can anyone help?

I am running outlook for Mac ( v16.51) and I have the new look outlook disabled. I am Alsop running Big Sur 11.5

Could you explain what “I have created the scripts” refers to?

sorry, That was misleading - the scripts were created. Anyway I have found the scripts now and have completed the set up and in the process of training. I looked everywhere. I knew as soon as I raised it as an issue I would find it. :grinning:

OK, great. I just wanted to be clear because it is not necessary to create any script files or even see or touch them.