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Scroll in Source List window has a slight friction(?).

I can realize comfortable life with EagleFiler in almost 2 and half month and have built database with 2900 items (2.9GB). This database is handled via 10 parent tags with 100 child tags.

When expanding all tags in Source List window, closing library and reopening library again, I noticed that scroll action in Source List window has a slight friction, that is, scrolling seems to scratch for an instant (in a split second).

To avoid this, I keep in mind to collapse all tags to TAGS now.
Perhaps, this may be for my environment only (early 2008 iMac : OSX 10.5.8, Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz).

However, my database is increased day by day, and so I appreciate to get any advice about this.


This is probably related to the number and configuration of the tags, not the number of files. When optimizing EagleFiler, it really helps for me to see actual examples of how people use it. Would it be possible for you to send me a screenshot showing your source list with the tags expanded?

Thank you for your quick reply as always.

I sent screenshots showing my source list with the tags expanded all.


I use Magic Mouse. I noticed that this issue is not so remarkable if using Mighty Mouse.


The cause of the “friction” seems to be that the first time EagleFiler displays a tag it has to draw the abbreviation image for it. This will take a fraction of a second at first, but then EagleFiler caches it and it will be smooth. If you want to avoid this initial delay, you could use the Tags inspector to delete the abbreviation symbols for your tags.