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I noticed that when I get a search result of a multipage document, I can’t scroll past the first page. I know I can use the page down arrow, but when I have my hand on the mouse I like to scroll. It’s more convenient. Is there any way I can scroll past one page.Thanks.


I’m not able to reproduce this problem on my Mac. Could you tell me:

  1. Which version of macOS and EagleFiler you’re using?
  2. Are you referring to a PDF document?
  3. What did you do (in order to attempt to scroll) after typing into the search field?

I’m running OS 10.14.3 & EagleFiler 1.8.6. I just found out that I can’t scroll down but I can scroll side-to-side with the Magic Mouse to go from one page to another.

Do you have the PDF set for Continuous Scroll, Single Page, or Two Pages?

Thank you thank you thank you. i didn’t notice the Continuous scroll. That did it!
What a great program! I appreciate it Michael.