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Search Anywhere to include Filenames


I really love eaglefiler, but the search option always confuses me a bit. Would it be possible that search Anywhere would also include filenames? I often put keywords in the filename. Not sure if this would be technically difficult to implement, but an option to truly search anywhere, in which one could perform searches which combine terms from the filename and the content of a file, would be very helpful for me (e.g. something like what Mailmate provides).


ps like discussed here earlier Narrowing down search - #2 by Michael_Tsai

Sorry for the confusion. Anywhere searches have always included the filename. I think the linked thread is talking about something else. The user found too many matches searching Anywhere and so wanted to require some words to be in the filename while others could be anywhere. Right now, you can enter tag:foo bar for an Anywhere search, and this will look for bar anywhere and foo within the tags. He wants to do something similar like filename:foo bar. You can do this with a smart folder today, but having a shortcut syntax would be handy.

Dear Michael,

Thanks for the clear explanation. In the end I figured out that my index was broken/incorrect. When I searched using filename I got more hits than when using Anywhere, but rebuilding the index has fixed the issue.


Great! For anyone else reading, this page describes how to rebuild a damaged index file.