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Search box using mail headers

I am trying to archive GMail using Google Takeout and then importing it into EagleFiler.

The GMail labels are not coming in as tags on the email (which I expected). Looking at the raw stored messages, I see that they are part of the headers in the email, for example:

X-Gmail-Labels: Important,Trash,Opened,Category Forums

It appears that there is not a way to search for these labels nor any text in most other labels at the collection of emails level. It is possible to search within an email message.

Am I missing something?

EagleFiler does not import the X-Gmail-Labels header as tags, though I can look into adding that in a future version. This header is also not indexed for searching.

I’m not sure what this is referring to. Could you give an example?

What I was trying to say is that it was not possible to search for most of the email headers except once one was searching within a single email. While I think there is enough utility to consider importing the Google Labels as tags, I was trying to note a general solution of searching for various tag values did not exist (or I did not find). Thanks.

Are there other headers that you want to be able to search? Currently, EagleFiler excludes most headers from search indexing because they could lead to unwanted search matches.

I am away from my original file and bandwidth limited so I had to look at a smaller set but the other one I see that would be useful “Delivered-To:”, I forward mail from several locations into GMail and use addressing of base+text@gmail.com to know where it originally came from. Most of the time it is deducible in the To: header which is already included.

That makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion.

Any feeling if the Google Labels to Tags will make it into a release anytime soon? Thanks.

Delivered-To is searchable in the current public beta. I can probably make X-Gmail-Labels searchable in the next beta. Importing the labels as tags is something I still plan to investigate but is a longer-term project.

Thanks for the updates. I will explore the betas.

This is now available in the release version of EagleFiler 1.9.8.

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I made a new .efiler store and imported a Google MBOX from Google Takeout.

Line 4 of that file (in the headers), there is a

Delivered-To: name1+name2@gmail.com

line. Later in the file, there is another

Delivered-To: name2@gmail.com

Searching for any recipient or any address or anywhere only finds “name2@gmail.com” not “name1+name2@gmail.com”.

It is cool that any results are in recipients & addresses as well as anywhere. It would be nice to have multiple Delivered-To:s accumulated but this is great. I am guessing it is multiple and not the “+” that is the issue. To me, the plus is more important since it is a legal address.



There shouldn’t be an issue with +. Currently it only indexes one Delivered-To header, but I can add it to the to-do list to index all of them.

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I made a new .efiler store and imported a Google MBOX from Google Takeout.

Thanks for the updates..